Will DCU Get ‘Deadman’ or Is James Gunn Just Saying Happy Halloween?

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Director and co-head of all newly enshrined DC Honcho. James Gunn Already playing Deadman’s hand? Suicide Squad The director’s Halloween tweet features one of DC’s creepiest superheroes. dead manBut does the post foreshadow the next dead man Gunn’s project and/or DC Studios? Or is it a seasoning of the season?

Deadman isn’t as high-profile as some A-list members of the Justice League, but the character has been a fan favorite with readers ever since he was co-created by writer-artist Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino. 1967, especially after the late superstar artist Neil Adams took over the character’s art duties shortly thereafter. A man who was murdered before his time had to hunt down the killer. He possesses the bodies of others by mystical means, although no one (not even Batman and Superman!) can see Brand unless he has the power to control their actions.

Deadman has made numerous appearances in several DC Animated projects. Justice League Unlimited, Batman: Brave and the Bold, justice league dark,Furthermore Teen Titans Go! but despite many attempts Live-action TV planning and even movie story, the characters are limited to being animated only.But that hasn’t stopped his fans from acknowledging Gunn’s post as a winky nod to what could soon be a brand new DC Universe. Gunn currently leads with co-CEO Peter Safran.

One commentator even suggested that the DCU take cues from Marvel’s success. werewolf of the night We’ll be introducing Deadman in a one-shot TV special, as well as a similar Halloween release next year.

We don’t know if Gunn was uttering secret proclamations or using DC’s spookiest hero as Halloween decorations, but if fan reaction is any indication, Gunn debuted him in the DCU. Your character will receive a very warm welcome if you choose to let them go.

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