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Plans to create deal IDs on Aadhaar have begun to move away from third-party cookies, which are then transferred to private markets through the DSP of the buyer’s choice.

The ability to optimize your advertising operations inside Rubicon can help you improve your earnings, but it has a more complex alternative AdSense, meaning it will require time and resources to manage it properly.

As with other AdSense options, Sonby offers real-time bidding solutions for publishers, and the ability to control access to their list by blocking buyers or any particular type of ad that does not match their content and audience Eats

If you are a publisher to monetize your website, Google AdSense is going to be one of your first choices. This is a big start for understanding advertising monetization and advertising technology.

It is a very trendy platform, available, and easy to install. But at some point, publishers want to optimize their ad demonetization strategies and start looking at what else is on the market. Adsense options for diversification.

In fact, there are many reasons for finding an AdSense option. First of all, while AdSense is simple to manipulate and deploy, there is one place where AdSense can reject your application for an AdSense account. This may be because your content is not appropriate, or you have not received enough content yet.

Google AdSense has various rules and has a clear curriculum to prevent tick fraud and protect advertisers. You may have inadvertently done something wrong and your AdSense account has been banned. You want to diversify your income sources and supplement your advertising revenue with alternative advertising networks that can help you grow your eCPM. While AdSense is a huge advertising network, it checks to feel limited. Relevant document ads may not be healthy for the design or layout of your site.

Other ad networks will allow you to include other ad types in your content. This fills the reason for publishers to explore other options beyond AdSense, not as a replacement, but as a supplement to optimize their advertising revenue. Incorporating an AdSense option to complement your advertising list allows you to put your ads’ performance in context and discover new ways to optimize your eCPM and revenue.

Best Google AdSense Options

1. Ad Exchange / AdX is a part of Google AdX publishers offering to monetize their sites, but it is much more advanced than AdSense, which remains a personalized product.

Google Ad Exchange offers publishers more options, such as better control of bids and the option to create private auctions.

With Google Ad Manager, you are ready to earn more. The platform is specifically set up to help you deal with advertisements, motivate you to make informed decisions, and expand the scope of your business. With AdX, a publisher creates Czech native, video, and customized ads. The brochure boy is a video advertisement. Publishers suggest concise ocular content to their target audience through Google Adx. 

With AdX, a publisher can organize each ad source into a platform, monitor their progress, and obtain relevant analytics that can help make more informed decisions.

Ad Exchange is more robust than Google AdSense, but it is also more complex, meaning it will require a little effort and investment to make the most of this ad network. Ads have a minimum payment of $ 100.

2. Amazon Publisher Service Amazon Publisher Services (APS), the company’s cloud-based supply-side advertising technology unit, offers publishers of all sizes no charge for SPS, and a modest $ 0.01 to bid in the thin advertising market. CPM is required.

According to the Supply-Side Platform (SSP) report of two thousand and nineteen advertisers, APS ranked second to SSP closest to Google AdX. Programmatic buyers can choose to have direct or indirect contractual relationships with publishers.

They announce the benefits of their solution to improving UX and site speed due to lower on-page code usage.

3.BuySellAds This is a cloud deal platform where publishers place their sites, and advertisers preview site statistics. If the statistics are impressive, they can buy advertising spots on the site. It is up to the publisher to accept or reject ads. However, the advice is that publishers should accept advertisements that resonate with their content.

BuySellAds is a virtual merchant for transactions. The usage fee is 25% of each profitable transaction. Please note that a publisher’s website must have more than 100,000 impressions every month. The minimum payment limit for BuySellAds is $ 50 and can be made once every month.

4.CriteoCriteo offers a programmatic advertising platform full of yield management options, including real-time bidding and the ability to set up direct deals, two tools needed for an ad ops team to efficiently manage a large ad inventory.

Criteo, while a logical alternative to AdSense, is a fairly important platform that connects premium brands to a premium brand inventory. It has the ability to support multiple ad types, such as display ads, native ads, and video ads. It also has the ability to move around ad-blockers. Publift uses Crito extensively and has had strong success with its demand. Due to a large amount of retargeting campaigns through the Crypto, they are particularly strong during November and December around Black Friday and Christmas.

The minimum payment for Crito is $ 50 and it follows a monthly payment schedule.

5. Diamond If you are a publisher looking specifically to target the fiscal sector, then the dynamics may be absolute for your needs. They burn more than seven billion text ads per month, targeted at a commercial and fiscal audience. They claim an average reader income of $ 97,500 annually. The area around Diamond focuses on the fiscal sector.

It is a digital primitive text marketing platform, which generates a connection between target audience with business / financial advertisers who double up as financial enthusiasts and look forward to valuable content.

Advertisements are lit with videos, articles, buying guides, as well as product information or reviews. Each campaign is run on a cost-per-click (CPC) standard. In a confirmed partnership with Apple News to display advertisements on iOS devices, Xiaomi’s sensitivity is undeniable. Its leadership management system ensures that a publisher receives automated lead surveys, analytics, and contextual reporting to run a campaign. Dynami’s job with more than three hundred publishers in the financial and commercial sectors, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Bloomberg.

So while their citizens may be narrow-minded, it is probably best in class if it is your market. Compressed viewers can translate into better ROI if the ads are on topic.

6. EMX Formed through the merger of bRealTime and Clearstream in 2018, EMX is a programmatic marketplace and advertising network. Among other AdSense options, their focus is on header bidding solutions that give publishers real-time control over their bidding and yield optimization strategies. They also provide access in the form of direct, premium advertisers and other AdSense options, they offer a full-service team that helps you not only with the technical setup but also with audience monetization and performance analysis.

7. The exponential thing is that the platform has a publisher requirement of 500,000 unusual users every month.

However, the pros outpaced the opposition.

Exponentially lit CPM ads are considered one of the best in the advertising industry. More than that, 55% of the revenue is occupied by publishers. Advertising formats come in different forms, as long as they remain entangled. Exponential’s care is on creativity as it is a great way to attract user attention. In addition, the audience gained talent from the tailor’s decision.

Exponential targets include the following: telecommunications, technology, travel and leisure, retail, education, dating, entertainment, fashion, automotive, etc. The minimum payment for the exponent is $ 50.

8. The main law of Gumgam fame is the use of its proprietary computer vision technology. The GumGum software is capable of scanning both photos and videos on the Internet, helping to ensure the smooth integration of advertisements in locations that are highly visible and relevant. GumGum Law provides seven times senior engagement with 37% more brand lift than their law industry average. GumGum is an advertising company that focuses its attention on in-image advertising. The group creates a platform that allows advertisers to market their products and services using images.

The way the gumgam operates involves viewing viewable content that Internet surfers can watch without any hassle. Furthermore, these excerpts seek to be relevant to the target audience. People who come to the need to make the content discoverable.

Furthermore, these texts are confounding. GumGum provides an opportunity for publishers to tell their stories to their customers and move towards sales. With images, GumGum supports publishers’ growth and engagement. 

The Gumgam website has over 600 million unique visitors, making it the ad network of choice. Publicift has had considerable success with GumGum for publishers looking at its mobile bayonets units, which achieve very high CPMs due to rich media like the quality of ad creatives. The minimum payment for missing is $ 50.

9. Index Exchange is a global independent advertising network and marketplace. They work with premium digital media companies, and as other alternatives to AdSense, they offer real-time bidding capability and transparency in the purchase process. They work with various ad types, including display ads and video ads on desktop and mobile.

With Index Exchange, publishers can set up their own private marketplace, giving them more control over where to buy advertisements on their site. In order for publishers to get more revenue from their advertisements, customization optimization is available.

They also provide a complete suite of real-time analytics. Publishers on the index exchange are screened, categorized, and certified before selling their ads on the ad exchange. This is one of the alternatives to AdSense that puts a higher premium on their publisher vetting process, which guarantees ad quality for both advertisers and publishers.

Index Exchange has the toughest approval process out of what we’ve seen at Publicift, but brings strong demand and is consistently one of our top 5 demand partners.

10. Inskin is a uniquely innovative advertising return that they offer, in addition to specific offerings, some advanced assistance with layout and design. Using the HTML5 framework, those devices can optimize advertisements for both mobile and desktop, enrich ads with custom limitations, and also handle multimedia advertisements. 

This radical scheme ensures advertisements to the CTA visually and guarantees a pleasing aesthetic regardless of screen size.

In short, they cut down on the ad preparation work on your end. Publift has Inskin specifically located on the desktop where CPM can be above $ 20 when it fills.

11. Kargo is definitely a Whole Aid company whose time has come.
They are particularly experts in mobile-specific marketing. The best way to gain prominence is to understand the trends and take advantage of it. It does cargo. Top handles the services of seventy Topnote publishers in the United States and uses them to reach smartphone users in the US. The plan is to drive the use of targeting such as smartphone devices, location, OS, sports, food, pop culture, music, street culture, profession, and more. 

Cargo has the MOAT as its accountability partner to ensure nothing goes wrong. is one of the roofs of five huge advertising technology societies worldwide. Their strong difference is that it provides access to Yahoo! Bing Advertising Network, which runs it one of the most beautiful Adsense options.

Between that and other tax partners, you get a 100% fill rate in your advertising list through your advertising network. offers several ad types, such as document advertising, contextual advertising, display, search, and mobile advertising. They have a few high-profile publishers, and you have an approval process before selling ads on They were the first to develop a server-side header bidding platform that maximizes yield and transparency while maintaining the user experience. The minimum payment for is $ 100.

13. OpenX is one of the fat and large complete advertising business, one of the Google AdSense options. It is a fully-featured programmatic advertising marketplace, to which more than 34,000 advertisers have access to the advertising catalog of more than one thousand, two hundred publishers. It generates 1.8 trillion bids per month. 

Its complexity claims to be the expert on your team but offers their help to yield analysts and technical advisors. OpenX has already started moving away from third-party cookies, planning to create deal IDs based on its relationship with publishers and OpenAudience, which later moved to private markets via DSP of buyer’s choice goes. The minimum payout for OpenX is $ 100.

14.PubMatic Another premium option of Google AdSense. Pubmatic was launched in 2006, and currently bids 100 billion ad impressions per day and 15 trillion advertisers per month. 

The platform is open to independent app developers and publishers who like to be in complete control of their advertising business and get the best out of them. Pubmatic provides advertisers to boost their ROI so that advertisements reach their goals and ensure engagement with ads. Even better, advertisements were found in various formats.

Public boredom of twelve trillion advertiser offers every month. This simply means that advertisers with true bids get a senior chance. Also, only publishers with more than two million page views get to use Pubmatic’s features.

However, it is worth the stress due to daily ad impressions of over 5 billion. Pubmatic has the ability to create private marketplaces, a way for publishers to manage access to their ad space, while at the same time giving advertisers transparency about how their ads are performing.

15. Rubicon Kam Thanks to his merger with Telaria in April 2020, the Rubicon Project has persuaded a global player in the digital advertising market to work in TV, display ads, video, audio, and mobile. With its new retailer cloud platform, Rubicon creates a trusted advertising market avenue for sellers worldwide to connect with trusted buyers.

The platform is fully automated and offers many benefits for both parties to enjoy. Cloud Top records billions of transactions every month. Its automated platform lets top publishers do business with some of the world’s biggest brands. Rubicon is a ripe supply-side platform (SSP), which consists of an individual header bidder, which also performs server-side header bidding.

This allows publishers to use seniors in one-to-one ad networks inside Rubicon. The ability to optimize your advertising operations inside Rubicon can help you improve your earnings, but it has a more complex alternative AdSense, meaning it will require time and resources to manage it properly. Rubicon has consistently been one of PubLift’s top-performing demand partners.

16. Sonobi Sonobi is an advertising network provider. Through their own solutions, and thanks to agreements with third parties, they have created a large and diverse list of advertisements, allowing them to offer publishers all standard advertising formats.

Their supply-side platform allows publishers to set up deals directly with the demand partner, allowing publishers to avoid 3-party fees. Their reporting tools are extensive, allowing publishers to track revenue, fill rates, CPM rates, and other KPIs. As with other AdSense options, Sonby offers real-time bidding solutions for publishers, and the ability to control access to their list by blocking buyers or any particular type of ad that does not match their content and audience Eats

17. Self-Confidence This AdSense alternative label as an advertising network for the web is sharp on transparency. Their essential options are flexible, offering waterfall bidding for small content creators, making it easy for them to switch from AdSense. They then have the option to switch to server-to-server bidding and header bidding. Sovereign provides a full-service solution in which you can fully tailor your advertising operations, by developing customized strategies to optimize monetization through all types of ad formats. Another key feature is the ability to open new revenue streams by monetizing your own audience data, respecting privacy, and security. The minimum payment for Soveran is $ 25.

18. Tabu If you really want to get out, the paintbrush is an exciting option. They specialize in primitive advertisements and are renowned for increasing brand awareness on various platforms by incorporating native placements on popular sites. Primitive broadcasting is a special form of advertising where the ad space content is substantially in line with other articles on the site. IIf you have been exposed through many difficulty pages, you should come across the ‘sponsored links/videos’ label. Tabula fills in unusually This is the case that you can optimize paid acquisition through page RPM and improve revenue ROI per visit. This audience exchange also helps drive qualified traffic for you and partner sites. As a publisher, if you are trying to pass different facts to your target audience, Taboola is the option for you. Taboola can also be combined with other advertising strategies such as display advertising, meaning it is often an addition to your existing strategy with new revenue rather than replacement. Like Pneumatic, Tabu also needs a publisher of 500,000 monthly page views. However, this does not reduce the strangeness of the ad network. The minimum payment for Tabula is $ 50.

19. The Verizon film was previously thought of as AOL One, it was integrated into and integrated into Verizon Media’s offering following the acquisition of AOL by Veron in 2015. Their supply-side platform (SSP) orders over nine hundred billion transactions per month. They specialize in video ad formats, but they also support native ads and mobile display ads and contextual advertisements. Verizon Media Advertising Networks offers publishers of all types of transaction models, from header bidding to direct deals, allowing them to connect with multiple ad exchanges and top advertisers.

20.Vidoomy When you imagine digital video advertising, Vidoomy is a platform that you should think about. Publishers include earning extra by publishing video ads on their blogs or websites. This is quite easy as most of these videos are from the top brands and companies around the world. To be eligible for a publisher.

Every month their spot postulate has at least three million page views. In addition, Spot Postulate has five hundred high-quality, plagiarism-free articles. Ad formats introduce intext, slider, instream, and interstitial. Fee methods for costumed materials introduce cost-per-view and cost-per-mile. 

Vidoomy has a data management platform (DMP) that gathers data from website impressions and feedback. The collected information is used to filter demonstrations and churn out video ads based on user opinion.

21. Xander was previously thought of as Anxtus before it was purchased by AT&T in 2018, Xander is a complex monetization solution that includes inventory management, their personal ad servers, and better decision-making and forecasting Includes data-driven yield management. 

Xandr provides publishers to manage demand and includes header bid technology and the ability to deal directly with advertisers. An alarm observing these alternates should mention that most heterogeneous groups such as the Rubicon, Pneumatic, and Index, etc., would refuse to work with publishers below a certain size. Therefore, you have to show upwards of a million page views to be considered. 

In addition, consider that you generally would not want to use any of these options as supplements because they would usually only bid up to 30% of your inventory. In this light, you should not use any of these heterogeneous networks as your main option. You can locate other networks that do not have stringent requirements. However, you can gain access to these demand partners through demonetization partners, which can add you to their accounts, allowing the demand for smaller publishers to be fully reserved for the largest publishers in the market. 

In the end, you might think that GAM is in little need of any of these tasks because they will either require a waterfall or they must bid a header to do the work. Or, at least, you have to go to a partner who can approve them as a group and set things up for you. Why work with the Google AdSense option? It does not make sense to revise your revenue stream. From working with many partners you can maximize the revenue from your content and monetize with ads when your page views that are relevant to your audience. Determining the best option for AdSense depends on many factors, such as the size and structure of your audience, the maturity of your advertising team.

But once you move on to see what AdSense can offer, you will see that you will have an increased ability to optimize your advertising revenue and manage yields. With a knife to maximize CPM rates and radical bid strategies, there is still much to drive growth on your advertising revenue.

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