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Offshore Accident Lawyer

If you live in Texas, you have probably read about, or even experienced, an offshore accident with an oil rig.

If you are injured in an accident at work offshore, you need a lawyer with extensive experience in maritime law to defend your rights and interests. 

A lawyer should be able to obtain substantial judgments and settlements for clients who suffer damage in offshore accidents.

Find Offshore Lawyer For Claiming Compensation

If you are an injured sailor and need a lawyer to take your case forward, please check. 

If you have been injured in an offshore accident or work accident, your accident lawyer should have a successful track record in offshore accident law. 


Processes for spills on offshore oil rigs can be very complex, but such processes can help injured offshore oil rigs, Rig workers to make up some of their losses.    

If you have suffered an injury or lost a loved one, have a personal injury lawyer review your case and find out about your legal options. 

If you are unsure whether to take legal action against the operator of the oil rig or the company responsible for the accident, contact a 

New Orleans Maritime Accident Attorney.

  • If you are an offshore worker or ocean-going ship promoter injured, contact Gardner Law Firm to arrange an appointment with one of our offshore accident attorneys in New Orleans. We are familiar with offshore accidents and the law that goes with them and let your claims be heard. 


  • If you or a close person have been injured while working on an offshore oil rig, our lawyers at Rivkind can help. If you get injured on a waterway or on a construction site, you can benefit from the services of our Opelousas offshore accident lawyers.


  • As this type of law is extremely specialized, you should make sure you choose a lawyer with experience and knowledge of maritime injury claims. Lopez Law Group has experience in handling offshore accident claims under the U.S. Coast Guard Act and other offshore accident claims related to maritime law. If you or a close person have suffered serious injuries or lost a family member in an accident at sea or off the coast, we can help you.   


If you believe you are due payments for offshore accident violations, you can get a free case review from Lopez Law Group, also known as Texas Hammer. 

If you or a family member were injured while working, it is important to hire the right lawyer for offshore accidents. 

You need help if you get hurt at work and get the care you deserve to look after yourself and your family.


  • Maritime Law Personal Injury Cases are handled by New Orleans maritime lawyers who have proven their expertise in offshore accident cases. Whether your employee’s injury happened on a cruise or offshore, our lawyers for marine and offshore injuries are ready to help you win your case. They represent the oil workers and their families in their efforts to obtain compensation for serious injuries.   

  • With the help of their offshore accident lawyers, you can learn how to compensate yourself and your family. Contact them today to discuss how they can help you, and contact their New Orleans attorneys to find the right means to seek damages. If you have been injured in an offshore accident, you can contact them directly on their website or by phone at 1-888-542-4357 to discuss how their lawyers from the Gulf Coast Offshore Accident Law Group (OACLG) can help you.  


  • They help oil rigs, drilling, and platform workers when an offshore accident or boat accident results in personal injury or death. Law firm Willis has personal injury lawyers and can help you if you suffer personal injury or even death as a result of offshore crews and boat accidents. They have accident lawyers in the Gulf Coast and in New Orleans, Louisiana, as well as in Florida and Texas.    

Willis Law Office can help you if an accident occurs on an oil rig offshore or on land, be it an offshore accident or a boat accident.  

Therefore, injured workers should seek legal advice from a lawyer who is familiar with maritime law and offshore infringement law. 

If you or a close person are involved in an accident that has resulted in injury, please find out more about your rights. 

Injured offshore employees have the opportunity to hire a lawyer of their trust to step in for them and do business with their company.    

If you have been injured on an offshore construction site or lost a loved one in an accident off the coast, you should consult an experienced legal adviser.

Few Reference of Offshore Accident Lawyer

1. Brian W Freeman, Workers Compensation

Offshore Accident Lawyer

Welcome to my profile. I hope that you will feel free to contact me personally and ask me any legal questions you may have.
I try to answer all phone calls and e-mails within one business day.
After leaving a career in the technology industry, I attended Whittier Law School (Costa Mesa, CA) from 2004 to 2007.
I focused on the field of intellectual property (Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents) and on criminal prosecution. I enjoyed a year working for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office as a Certified Law Clerk. Read More

2. Scot Thomas Moga, Workers Compensation

Offshore Accident Lawyer

With over 20 years of legal experience, attorney Scot Thomas Moga is dedicated to providing effective counsel, outstanding client communication, and creative solutions to the most complex legal issues.

As an aggressive and zealous advocate, he is known for obtaining the maximum awards and settlements for his clients in an expeditious manner. 

Since founding Moga Law Firm in 1996, Mr Moga has successfully represented clients in many areas of law, concentrating most of his practice in workers’ compensation, personal injury, and estate planning, and probate matters. 

His diverse client base includes injury and accident victims, large and small businesses, as well as employees. 

The experience, knowledge, and commitment to excellence that Mr Moga brings to every case make him an exceptional attorney and an invaluable advocate. Read More


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