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Charlie Pride was an American rock singer, songwriter, and guitar player. His greatest musical moments came in the late to mid-’70s, when he slowly but surely was the biggest selling live performer for RCA Records. His career spanned four decades, with many near misses and a lot of failed attempts before he finally found success. Here are some of his greatest hits, ranked from worst to best.

Who Is Charle Pride?

Charle Pride

“I’m A Bad Guy” is the first single off of Charlie’s first album, Day N Nite. The song would eventually become an enormous hit for him and helped solidify his place as a top rock and roll star. While it does feature sample snippets from the hit Beach Boys record, it’s a much better, tighter recording, with great guitar work and an infectious beat. It would go on to become one of the biggest singles of all time for both groups and one of the biggest single weeks for any pop chart ever. While it wasn’t a hit in the States, it did reach No.1 in Britain.

“Covid-19” is the second single from Day Nite, where it was again an enormous hit with audiences all over the world. Although it doesn’t feature samples from Beach Boys, it still ranks as the single most popular single from the decade. This is primarily due to the infectious beat and the soulful lyrics. It was originally intended to be the theme song for a new film starring Colin Farrell, called covid-19, but it was changed at the last minute to become a worldwide hit.

Whole Lotta Love” is the third single from Day Nite, which also features the fantastic guitar work by Colin Farrell and Noriaki Koike. This is actually the first black artist to win the MTV Music Awards (although they had won prior to this year), and the first black person to win the trophy since Michael Jackson way back in 1988. This is also a lifetime achievement award for Colin Firth.

As a bonus, here is a song that was played during the cover of We Are The Champions, performed by taking That. The first time I saw this song was when I happened to be at a Britney Spears concert, and she was doing the intro for that song and I was blown away by how good she was at it. She was totally amazing and performed like a true pop star. Of course, it’s impossible to talk about Cee-Lo without mentioning his wife rozene, who was a huge influence on him.

This is an amazing biography, especially the portions that focus on his marriage to Rozene. I think he did a nice job of conveying all of the emotions involved with being married to someone that was your wife. Music is forever, and you can never take your eyes off of Cee-Lo. I hope he maintains the high standard he has set for himself, as he is one of the all-time great country music singers. You can learn a lot from this book about what makes a great country music singer.

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