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Ellen Grace Philpotts Page and The Canadian Comedy Connection

Ellen Grace Philpotts Page

Who Is Ellen Grace Philpotts Page?

Ellen Grace Philpotts Page is a Canadian actress and singer. 
She first became famous for her role in the movie and TV series Pit Bull, for which she earned a Young Artist Award.
After leaving the movie industry, she went on to have roles in movies and music, as well as hosting her own show on Nickelodeon.
She also has contributed songs to several musical genres, most notably on Pink Floyd’s “Animals.” She has won numerous awards for her acting career.
On February 21, Ellen Grace Philpots-Page will be receiving the Polaris Award, which is presented by Polaris Media, in recognition of her contribution to the Canadian theatre and film industry.
The award is given out at the World festivals, which are organized by Canadian media giant Astral Media.
The Polaris Awards honour those in the performing arts who have made contributions to Canadian culture and society. 

Achievements of Ellen Grace Philpots

Among the past and present celebrities who received the Polaris Award were performers Justin BieberAndrew GarfieldElizabeth BanksPeter FabianoBryan AdamsNicole Kidman, and many others.
Ellen Grace Philpotts Page
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In response to the news that she will be honoured with the Polaris Award. 

Ellen Grace Philpots-Page issued a statement to the press saying that she is “honoured and surprised.” 

Regarding the Polaris Award, she added, “I always thought it was something meant for people in Hollywood to recognize my work. 

I am very thankful to the producers and festival organizers for giving me this honour.” 

She went on to say that she is looking forward to sharing the experience of being an award winner with the young women and girls in the audience. 

On February 21st, at approximately 7:30 p.m., an unknown individual approached Ellen Grace Philpotts-Page outside of a movie theatre in Oakville, Ontario. 

The individual said that he or she wanted to offer her a $1 million, five-year contract if she would star in a movie based on a script by a young woman who goes by the name of Anna Nicole Smith. 

The movie script was written by Nicole Kidman and was meant to be released by Focus Features. 

According to the woman, the producers of the movie were impressed by the talent Ellen Grace Philpots-Page has shown throughout her acting career.

At approximately 9:50 a.m., Ellen Grace Philpotts-Page walked out of a movie theatre in Oakville, Ontario carrying two large bags of popcorn and a golden globe. 

A man standing next to her suddenly approached her, complimented her appearance, and offered to buy her the film script. 

When the woman offered to buy the script, the man indicated that he lived in California and asked if she could meet him there. 

The woman replied that she had plans that evening but accepted the man’s invitation.

The golden globe and popcorn were purchased by the man, while Ellen Grace Philpotts-Page remained at the theatre with the man while he bought her tickets and sang with her group from a microphone. 

When the man left, she bought the script, which contained many inside jokes about the American lifestyles in which she was raised. 

Later that night, she received a call from the man who invited her to the Toronto International Comedy Festival, an event she had never been to before in her life. 

From that day on, she called the man, kept up with him through email, and became the spokesperson for the Canadian comedy scene that she was an integral part of for years.

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