Travesty Meaning | What Is The Meaning of Travesty?

What Is The Meaning Of Travesty? | Travesty Meaning

The word travesty comes from the French word travesty, meaning ruin or disgrace

In its generic sense, it means something that has been destroyed or disrespected. 

In its usage as an adjective, the meaning is “that which has brought disgrace to another”.

This implies that the act of destroying or disrespecting someone else’s reputation, opinion, or values is comparable to that of bringing disgrace to another person’s character or dignity. 

Travesty Meaning

Hence, travesty means “the act of ruining or distracting another person”. 

In its generic sense, travesty can also mean “a person whose character, integrity, honour, or esteem is being threatened, humiliated or humiliated”.

As travesty has a broader meaning than what it commonly has in the English language, its usage is not restricted to describing acts of communal deviance. 

For example, the travesty meaning can be used to describe a white power movement or anti-Americanism. 

Anti-Americanism can also be related to anti-Semitism. 

Similarly, anti-Communist and anti-Fascist are other similar significations of the word travesty in the Indian subcontinent.

Although the meaning of travesty is widely used in the English language, some non-native languages also have words that have the same meaning.

Travesty Definition | Travesty Meaning

The word Travesty in Hindi can mean “a member of an oppressed race”, “a member of a religious sect headed by a charismatic leader”, or “a revolutionary or partisan leader who belongs to an oppressed nationality.

Thus, the travesty meaning can extend to all sorts of situations.

However, the travesty meaning is most commonly found in Punjabi and Hindi. 

The word travesty in Punjabi and Hindi cannot be used without the prefix ‘abad’. 

This prefix gives our language an additional word that denotes violence, wickedness, and wickedness.

One of the main differences between the Punjabi word and the Hindi word is that the Punjabi word does not end in -est, -a, or -it. 

Thus, the Punjabi word for travesty is ‘travesty bahu’ whereas the Hindi word for travesty is ‘travesty me’. 

Further, the word for travesty in Hindi is ‘Virgo sab ka’. 

This suggests that the word ‘travesty’ actually means “I love” in Hindi while “Virgo sab” suggests affection for someone or something.

Other words that have similar meanings in Hindi and Punjabi are ‘vedja’, “kera”, “tuj”, “daula” and “turban”. 

These names refer to events in life where something bad has occurred. 

The Punjabi word for travesty, ‘travesty’, refers to the act of tempting God in order to get something desirable; while the Hindi word for the travesty, ‘travadha’, suggests that it is an evil deed.

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