Understanding ca va meaning In English

Explain The Word CA VA Meaning In English

Hello French people! Welcome to The French Language explained by an American. ca va meaning in English is All Good. Let’s understand the meaning in detail in English.

How are you doing? Sorry, you don’t say that anymore. 

ca va Meaning In English
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I’m going to start again. “ça va”? (All good?) “ça va” is the most popular expression in France because it is both a question and an answer. All good? All good. All good? All good. Hey, all good? 

So the French are like parrots trying to identify a member of their own species. Wait, were you answering me that “all is good” or were you asking me if all is good? I don’t remember. 

And what is weird is that the more you repeat “ça va”, the less “ça va”. All good? All good…All good… All good… All good. All good… Actually, things are not good at all. 

Where does the expression “ça va” come from? What exactly are they referring to? 

Let me explain. Originally this expression meant “Are your bowel movements all good?” because in the old day’s people would die from intestinal occlusion. Intestinal occlusion… occlusion… occlusion… “A congestion” Oh, congestion… congestion… congestion… “An obstruction” Still no good. Ah ok! Really? 

So when we say “all good”, it means that we are pooping well?

 Hello sir Duke. Delighted sir Count. How is it going? It’s flowing like the Loire river after a spring rain. And you? I’m clogged like the hall of mirrors during the king’s wedding. By Jove! So that was your Age of Enlightenment? People in wigs talking about poo? Yup. So if having a bowel movement is a sign that everything is ok. So why when you get upset you say “ça me fait chier”. You are not logical at all… not at all. 

So to summarize: If someone asks you “ça va” you say “ça va” even if things are not well because nobody wants to hear about your clogged intestinal tract.

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