Draco Malfoy Wife Astoria Greengrass Details

Do you know who is Draco Malfoy Wife Astoria Greengrass? There are some Wizards like the Malfoy family who think they’re better than everyone else because I am what people call Pureblood. 

Astoria Greengrass is the wife of Draco Malfoy the character that we love to hate in the Harry Potter series 

Astoria Greengrass

“And I’m Malfoy – Draco Malfoy”. 

Tom Felton, I feel was the perfect choice to play the smug bully. He did a brilliant job, Unfortunately, like most characters in the films the movie series left a lot out about their character, so I’m going to fill in the blanks as I explain the entire story of Draco Malfoy as well as touch on the redemption of his family. 

Who Is Draco and Astoria Greengrass?

Draco was born to Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. Lucius was a Death Eater right in Voldemort’s inner circle and one of his most trusted allies. 

And towards the end of the story, we come to know of, Scorpius Malfoy, the one and only son of Draco and Astoria Greengrass. But we’ll come to that later. For now, we know that after Lucius has joined his crusade. 

However, Voldemort’s reign ended when he fell at the hands of one-year-old Harry Potter. A bunch of Death Eaters was rounded up, including Lucius 


But he claimed that he was innocent and that he was acting under the Imperius curse. Because of the connections that the family had in the ministry, that dated back centuries.

He was freed unlike most of his other fellow Death Eaters. Being free allowed Lucius and Narcissa to live a very good life and raise their son in a very wealthy household. 

Draco was dearly loved and spoiled by his mother. But his father was rather hard on him and preached to him about the importance of blood purity. 

Malfoy: “Yes father” 

Lucius has stayed in contact with many other Death Eaters who also escaped capture including Crabbe and Goyle. They all became close family friends and both of them had sons that were around Draco’s age. He also stayed in contact with Igor Karkaroff, who was the headmaster of Durmstrang Institute. Durmstrang was a school in northern Europe that didn’t let muggle-borns in. 

They also taught the dark arts rather than just defense against the dark arts the way Hogwarts did. Lucius wanted to send Draco there but Narcissa said no because she didn’t want Draco to go so far away. 

Because of this, they decided to send him to Hogwarts too. In order to have some connections at his son’s school, Lucius became a Hogwarts Board governor. 

As a kid, Draco heard stories of The Boy Who Lived. Many different theories popped up as to how Harry survived what should have been a lethal attack. And one of the biggest theories was that Harry himself was a great Dark Wizard. 

Lucius Malfoy was one of those who believed in this theory. 

It was comforting to him to think that he might have a second chance at world domination. 

When Draco was going to Hogwarts Lucius told him to befriend Harry. When the family went to Diagon Alley to get his school supplies, Draco was getting fitted for his robes where he met Harry Potter. 

Although he did not know that it was Harry at the time, he talked to Harry about how Hogwarts shouldn’t let muggle-borns in. 

“I really don’t think they should let their sort in. I think they should keep it in the old wizarding families.” He also made fun of Hagrid when he saw him in the window which made Harry dislike him very much. 

When he went to school, he already had very good friends- Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle-who as I said before were family friends. The two looked to him as sort of their leader. When Draco got on the train to Hogwarts.

He realized that the boy he had met in Diagon Alley was Harry Potter. 

He stuck out a hand to Harry after giving him something that he believed to be very good advice, doing as his father had wished, to befriend The Boy Who Lived. 

“You’ll soon find out that some wizarding families are better than others, Potter. 

You don’t want to go making friends with the wrong sort”. 

Harry denied his handshake, saying, 

“I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself. Thanks.” 

As Draco replied, 

“I’d be careful if I were you Potter unless you’re a bit politer. You’ll go down the same way as your parents”, 

A fight almost broke out. But was stopped when Scabbers, Ron’s rat bit Goyle on the finger making them flee. 

From then on, Draco and Harry were the worst enemies. 

When Draco informed his father that Harry was not what he thought, Lucius was very disappointed. 

When he got to school, Draco was sorted into Slytherin almost as soon as the sorting hat hit his head. 

He formed a connection with Professor Snape and became one of Snape’s favorite students. 

Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle bullied many students. But especially Gryffindor’s Neville Longbottom. 

When it came time for flying lessons, Draco was very confident. And so Madame Hooch told him that the way he gripped his broomstick was incorrect and that he had been doing it wrong for many years. 

When Harry and Draco had a little conflict there (okay, I won’t spoil that for you), and never fell off his broom, Malfoy was thunderstruck. 

Professor McGonagall then came out and took Harry into the castle. 

Malfoy thought that Harry was in trouble, being very pleased with himself. 

All that changed, however, when Harry got his Nimbus 2000. 

Malfoy told Professor Flitwick about him for having his own broomstick as a first-year which was against the rules. 

He was shocked and angry when he found out that Harry had permission for that. 

The shock that he had made it into the Gryffindor Quidditch team. 

One day, Draco grabbed Harry and Ron up when he challenged Harry to a duel at midnight. 

Ron and Harry, also accompanied by Neville and Hermione, all went out and just barely evaded Filtch after Draco tipped him off. 

At the Gryffindor versus Slytherin Quidditch match, Ron tackled Malfoy for making fun of him and Neville gave Malfoy a black eye. 

Later that year Draco overheard the trio talking about seeing Hagrid’s dragon egg hatch. 

Malfoy snuck down and saw the dragon through the window. He had a smile on his face for the next week every time he got near the trio. 

And when Ron was sent to the hospital wing for a dragon bite, Malfoy went there and told Madame Pomfrey that he wanted to borrow one of Ron’s books. 

He laughed at that and threatened Ron saying he was going to tell Madame Pomfrey. What bit him, was that Ron had told her it was a dog.  

Malfoy realized that the book he had gotten from Ron had the letter that gave him all the details on how they were getting rid of Hagrid’s dragon. 

He told Professor McGonagall which ended up getting him in trouble. 

She dragged him by the ear as she gave him detention along with Harry, Hermione, and Neville.

Who got detention as well as were caught out of Bed.

The four had to go into the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid for detention, something that scared the hell out of Malfoy. 

When they went in, they split up and Malfoy went with Neville and Fang. 

He played a joke on Neville by scaring him, making Neville shoot sparks in the air for help. 

Hagrid was furious and made Harry go with Draco instead the two eventually ran into a quarrel (okay I won’t spoil the next part). 

Once, Draco was showboating when it looked like Slytherin was going to win the House Cup. 

But was shut down very fast when Dumbledore added a few last-minute points making Gryffindor win.

That summer Draco’s father took him to Diagon Alley to get rid of a few artifacts that could get him in trouble with the ministry. 

He promised Draco that he would buy him a new racing broom. First, they went to Knockturn Alley where Lucius sold all of the sketchy artifacts to a shop called ‘Borgin and Burkes’. 

He gave them everything except for one item, a diary that Voldemort had given to Lucius that he had told him, would reopen the Chamber of Secrets. 

When Lucius and Draco came face-to-face with the Weasleys. 

Lucius had picked up Ginny’s used book and made fun of how poor the family was, Arthur Weasley went after him until Hagrid broke up the fight. 

When he put Ginny’s book back he added the diary as well. 

Before they left Diagon Alley, Lucius bought Draco along with the entire Slytherin team.

The new Nimbus 2001 racing brooms ensure that Draco had a spot on the team. 

That summer, Draco complained a lot about harry to his parents saying he only got on the Quidditch team because he was famous.  

Lucius said to him it was not prudent to appear less than fond of Harry Potter, not when most of their kind regarded him as the hero who made the Dark Lord disappear. 

When Draco arrived back at school, he went back to bullying other students. 

In the first week, he made fun of Ron for being poor and humiliated Harry by yelling out that harry was giving out autographed pictures.

And if Ginny Weasley would like a signed photo of Harry. He said it would probably be worth more than Ron’s family’s house. 

For the Slytherin team’s first Quidditch practice with Draco, they had a standoff with the Gryffindor team. 

They announced that Draco was their new seeker. 

And Hermione said at least no one on the Gryffindor team had to buy their way and that they got it on pure talent. 

This struck a chord with Malfoy and he replied saying, 

“No one asked your opinion, you filthy little mud-blood”, causing an uproar, as Slytherin captain, Markus Flint, had to step in front of Malfoy to protect him from Fred and George, who jumped at Malfoy, with Ron pulling out his wand but ending up cursing himself. 

This made the whole Slytherin team paralyzed with laughter. 

When Dracohamber of Secrets reopened, Draco granted the sight of the petrified cat hanging upside down. 

“You’ll be next Mudbloods”, he said, 

When people started the theory that Harry was the Heir of Slytherin and the one opening the chamber, Malfoy got angry at the attention he was getting, 

“And people actually think that he’s the heir of Slytherin”, he said. 

In the Slytherin versus Gryffindor match, Harry and Malfoy went face-to-face, Seeker-to-seeker. 

Well, Malfoy was making fun of Harry’s family when he noticed the snitch, that was hovering inches above Malfoy’s left ear. 

Harry started to fly towards him, and for a second, Malfoy thought he was going to attack him. Then Harry caught the snitch. 

Malfoy was later yelled at by his captain, Markus Flint. 

Harry and Draco faced each other and demonstrated duel during the first and last Dueling Club. 

Malfoy: “scared, Potter?” 

Harry: “You…wish…” 

When Draco saw Harry get a Valentine delivered by a dwarf, he said to Ginny I don’t think Potter likes your Valentine very much. 

After there had been many attacks on students, Draco’s father got Dumbledore sacked as Headmaster and Draco was thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere of terror and suspicion in the castle. 

He was strutting around the school as though he owned the place he was saying things like 

“I’m quite surprised the mud blood haven’t all packed their bags by now. Bet you five galleons the next one dies. Pity, it wasn’t Granger.”

At the end of the year, Dumbledore was reinstated as Headmaster and Draco’s father was fired as a Hogwarts Board Governor. 

Dumbledore announced the culprit had been caught and that all of the people that were petrified would be okay, and everyone cheered. 

On the train, for his third year he, Crabbe, and Goyle came to the trio’s compartment that also had a sleeping Remus Lupin with goop and being there. 

It stopped Malfoy from bullying them as did on the train later on Dementors looking for Sirius Black entered the train. 

Fred and George said that Malfoy came running into their Compartment and looked like he nearly wet himself. 

As they were walking up to the castle Malfoy overheard Neville saying that Harry had fainted due to the Dementors. 

Malfoy made fun of Harry for this for many days. 

Malfoy was really rude to Hagrid during his first Care of Magical Creatures lesson, criticizing his teaching. Dumbledore made this oath to teach classes, he amused. 

When Harry successfully approached Buckbeak the Hippogriff, everyone but Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle cheered. 

When Malfoy went up to Buckbeak and called him a great ugly brute, Buckbeak attacked him, hurting his arm which Madame Pomfrey fixed it very easily. 

But Malfoy said he was still in agony. 

He and the other Slytherin squealed the whole incident play out of proportion. 

Malfoy milked his injuries as much as he could when he returned to classes that Thursday with the bandaged arm. 

All of the silly rents acted as though he was a hero. 

He also used his injury to get the Slytherin Quidditch team out of playing in the rain and wind, making Gryffindor play Hufflepuff instead. 

When Draco was paired with Harry and Ron during potions, he said to them with a smirk on his face, that he didn’t think Hagrid would be a teacher for much longer. 

It was then announced that there was a sighting of Sirius Black, the escaped convict, who was after Harry. 

Now Draco saw this as a good opportunity to get into Harry’s head the idea of Sirius betraying his late parents. 

He looked right at Harry and said if it was him, he’d have done something before now. 

He’d want revenge. That he’d hunt him down himself. 

When Gryffindor is playing Ravenclaw, Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, and Marcus Flint, are all dressed up as dementors.

And went after Harry, as he was about to catch the Snitch. Draco was standing on Goyle’s shoulders when Harry used a Patronus on them, making them all fall into a crumpled heap.

Professor McGonagall gave them all detention and even called Professor Dumbledore over. 

When Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle were in Hogsmeade, Harry who wasn’t supposed to be there and had gone under his Invisibility Cloak started throwing mud at them.

Harry accidentally revealed his head for a second, and Malfoy, with a solid mouthful, had turned around and ran back to the castle to tell Professor Snape that Harry was in Hogsmeade.

When Malfoy said that Hagrid was pathetic in front of the trio, Hermione smacked him in the face. 

Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle then fled. Now if we know, Draco was pretty shaken up for the Quidditch Final. Slytherin faced Gryffindor. 

Before the match, Draco looked even paler than usual. In the match, he followed Harry very closely.

When Harry saw the Snitch and went after it, Malfoy grabbed the end of Harry’s Firebolt with his hand and pulled him back. 

Even though he had gotten a penalty for this, Draco had achieved what he had wanted. 

He made Harry lose sight of the Snitch and keep the game going now. This time Malfoy saw the Snitch, and Harry followed him. 

He threw himself forward knocked Malfoy’s arm out of the way and caught the Snitch beating Malfoy and winning the Quidditch Cup for Gryffindor. 

After Slytherin lost, Draco, seemed to have become very subdued and not his normal self. 

He regained a lot of swaggers however when his father used his connections and a few threats to get Buckbeak executed – both Draco and his father were shocked.

However, Buckbeak escaped from being killed they thought that Hagrid had somehow smuggled him out and was horrified and furious that they had been outsmarted by a gamekeeper. 

In reality, it was actually Harry and Hermione, who went back in time to save Buckbeak that summer. 

Draco and his parents went to the Quidditch World Cup and were invited to sit in the Minister’s Box because Lucius had made a very generous contribution to St. Mungo’s Hospital. 

When they got there, they saw most of the Weasleys along with Harry and Hermione who were also invited to the Minister’s Box. 

Draco shot Harry, Ron, and Hermione a dirty look as he took his seat with his parents. 

After the match, Draco’s father and some other ex-Death Eaters put their masks on and began tormenting the muggle campground owners, making them fly in the air. 

While this was happening, Draco was calmly on the edge of the forest looking uh, totally relaxed compared to everyone else. 

He was watching the events unfold through a gap in the tree when Harry, Ron, and Hermione saw him. 

He gestured toward Hermione and said how did she better be hurrying along, they wouldn’t like her spotted, and that if they thought they couldn’t spot a mud-blood. 

Harry accused Draco’s parents of being part of the group and masks. Before Draco went to his fourth year, his father told him about the Triwizard Tournament that was taking place at Hogwarts that year. 

On the train, Draco made fun of Ron’s traditional dress robes He also brought up the Triwizard Tournament and made fun of Ron even more for not knowing about it.

When his father worked for the men, maybe your father’s just too junior to know about it Weasley They probably don’t talk about important stuff in front of him One day Malfoy made fun of Ron’s house and called his mother.

Harry then insulted Draco’s mother and when they walked away Malfoy tried to shoot a spell at Harry mad-eye moody.

However, acted first He turned Malfoy into a white ferret it made him fly up and down Professor McGonagall showed up and put a stop to it But Draco was still very shaken by the situation.

His eyes were watering with pain and humiliation When Harry was chosen as a champion for the Triwizard Tournament? 

Along with Cedric’s mouth flew along with his fellow Slytherin sported badges that said support Cedric Diggory the real Hogwarts champion then when they pressed in the words turned into Potter stinks. 

Malfoy handed Hermione a badge and told her not to touch his hand because he didn’t want mud blood Slimming it up Harry shot back and the two took out their wands their spells collided.

Shot in different directions Harry hit Goyle which made Boyle sprout all over his face and Draco hit Hermione Whose teeth started to grow at a rapid rate.

Both Hermione and Goyle had to go to the hospital way Draco wasn’t shocked that her Money was asked for the Yule Ball. 

You’re not telling me that someone’s actually asked that to the ball Not the lung molar blood Hermione got back at him for saying this by pretending to say hello to professor moody.

Mae and Malfoy go pale and jump backward making everyone laugh at him Draco asked fellow Slytherin pansy, Parkinson, to the Yule Ball During that year Draco.

And the other slowly Aaron’s talked to Rita Skeeter who was an animagus that could turn into a beetle.

They gave her dirt for her articles on Harry Hermione and Hagrid when Hagrid’s article was released Malfoy proudly said well I think this should be the end of that Oaks teaching career at the end of the year.

Voldemort came back to full power In a new body when he called all of his Death Eaters lousiest returned to his master.

The same night fellow Hogwarts champion Cedric Diggory was killed on the Dark Lord’s orders.

Afterward when Dumbledore was speaking about his death and gave respectful toasts toward Harry and Cedric Malfoy Crabbe and Goyle didn’t even touch their goblets on the train ride home now void told Harry that it was happening You’ve picked a losing sod Potter. I warned you. 

I told you how to choose your company more carefully Remember when we met on the train on the first day of Hogwarts when Draco continued saying that Mudbloods and muggle lovers were the first to go?

Other than Cedric Harry Ron Hermione Fred and George all hid him with a different hex before he could even finish his sentence.

The Crabbe and Goyle fell to the ground unconscious that summer Draco was made a prefect for Slytherin house something.

He greatly abused to torment Harry and many other Gryffindors on the train Malfoy wasn’t Harry that he would be.

Dogging his footsteps hinting to him that he knew about Harry’s Godfather Sirius being an animagus that can turn into a dog Draco on the other slither ends. 

We were watching the Gryffindor team practice and they roared with laughter as they watched Ron train to be a goalkeeper making his self-confidence very low grade.

Four on leading up to the big game where they would face each other during the match Slytherin begin singing a song that humiliated them.

Ron called Weasley as our King Draco made up many of the lyrics and even sang along with the crowd when Harry saw the snitch.

 Malfoy followed him how he got there first and Draco dug his fingernails into the back of Harry’s hand.

Hopelessly when everyone landed on the ground Malfoy insulted, Mr. And Mrs. 

Weasley and later Harry’s dead mother Harry and George charged a mouthful and the two of them beat him as he screamed in pain.

When the pair were thrown off by Madame hooch. 

Malfoy has curled up on the ground Whimpering and moaning. 

They had beaten him. 

So badly that Harry’s knuckles were bruised from hitting his jaw so hard.

Malfoy along with a few other Slytherins joined on bridges and quiz’ toriel squad.

They helped break up Dumbledore’s Army the secret Club where.

Harry taught defense against the dark arts and secrets behind Um Bridge’s back when everyone ran for it.

Malfoy caught Harry with the trip Jinx and turned him over to umbrage when Malfoy was taking his exam. 

He glared at Harry making the wine glass.

He was levitating and smashing on the floor later on Malfoy and the inquisitorial squad caught the trio along with Neville Ginny and Luna as they had formed a plan to break into Umbra’s office.

When umbrage was about to torture Harry Malfoy had a hungry On his face her money put a stop to this and lord Umbridge along with harrying to the Forbidden Forest.

Malfoy offered to go with them, but she refused his help She left Draco and the others in charge of guarding Ron Ginny Neville, and Luna when umm birds left with Harry and Hermione the four Remaining escaped the inquisitorial squad with a number of jinxes and hexes Ron said that Ginny was the best explaining how she got mouthful with their famous bat bogey hex When they escaped they all went to the Ministry of Magic.

There the Battle of the Department of mysteries took place where Voldemort was outed and many Death Eaters were captured and sent to Azkaban Including Lucius Malfoy the next time Draco came face to face with Harry. He confronted him.

You’re dead Potter You’re going to pay I’m gonna make sure you pay for what you’ve done to my father Draco then said that his father would escape because the Dementors had left the prison and how he replied by saying that at least now everyone Would know what scumbags they were Malfoy reached for his wand, but Harry was faster.

Malfoy was saved however when Snape came over now for Crabbe and Goyle tried to attack Harry on the train But unwittingly chose to do it outside a compartment filled with DEA members that rose as one to Harry’s aide that summer everything Changed for Draco and his family the famous Malfoy name that had been cleaned for so long was now tarnished Well the Draco and his mother Narcissa were put in the spotlight But even worse Voldemort was now angry with their family Dumbledore said that Lucius was probably happy to be in Azkaban To avoid Voldemort’s wrath after losing the diary failing the mission in the Department of mysteries a mission that he was leading forcing Voldemort to reveal himself to the world Back and for not only getting himself locked up but a handful of other Death Eaters as well since Voldemort couldn’t punish Lucy is he? Came up with a way to punish his whole family. 

He gave Draco the impossible task of killing Dumbledore Draco was made an official Death Eater that summer he was to complete his mission while he went back to a sixth year of Hogwarts Draco’s mother Narcisa was a mess because of this She reached out to Snape Snape made the unbreakable vow saying that he would help Draco on his mission protect him and finish the job If Draco couldn’t do it himself Draco’s and Bellatrix also began to train him teaching him a clemency so that he could close his mind to others trying to read it Draco had Come up with a plan He remembered the GRANDMONT egg had been pushed into a vanishing cabinet the following school year by Fred and George Weasley am told mouth boy that he was trapped in limbo between the vanishing cabinet at Hogwarts and its twin at borgin and Burkes before he Disappeared this together and realized that they formed a passageway from the shop to Hogwarts His plan was to use them to have Death Eaters enter the school Roland Eigen alley Harry and Ron pulled their wands out on Malfoy after he called Hermione a mudblood and Draco’s mother Threatened their lives if they touched her son draco would later slip away from his mother and go to borgin and Burkes here He spoke to Bohr again and told him to keep the vanishing cabinet in the shop safe He then asked him how to fix his twin at Hogwarts when Borgan said that the job was Impossible without seeing him draco showed him his dark mark the mark of a Death Eater this frightened Borg and very much Malfoy then told him that Fenrir Greyback An old family friend and a vicious werewolf would be stopping in from time to time To make sure that he was giving the problem his full attention Nathalie was a bit upset when he wasn’t invited to Slughorn slug Club where he chose the kids with the most connections and brightest futures Sabina told him that he wasn’t interested in Death Eaters Malfoy then went on a rant about how much he hated Hogwarts and how he might not be back the following year Throwing the journey on the train now if we had seen Harry slip into their Compartment under the invisibility cloak and later heard Harry wins when he got hit in the head by Luggage when everyone laughed he hit Harry with a spell that made him paralyzed He done stomped on his face breaking his nose as for my father that year draco acted out of character when he didn’t go on His prefect duty. 

He normally loved using that power to bully others He also fell behind on homework which got him detention and he started taking less of an interest in Quidditch Skipping practices and even games this was all because he spent most of his time trying to fix the vanishing cabinet But he was having little to no luck He had Crabbe and Goyle use Polyjuice potion To turn into all different people so that they could be his lookouts as he fixed the cabinet in the Room of Requirement Draco didn’t tell them what he was doing despite them asking on multiple occasions He began to think that he wasn’t ever going to fix it because of this He tried other means to complete his mission to kill Dumbledore He put the Imperius curse on Madame Rose murder the owner of the Three Broomsticks He then gave her a cursed necklace and ordered her to have a student bring it to Dumbledore But it never reached him as Katie Bell the person that she made deliver it touched the necklace this led to Katie being Hospitalized for long time but she survived he later tried to poison Dumbledore with a bottle of mead again He used doors Merida to do the work for him by putting the poison in a bottle that Slughorn bought which he intended to give to Dumbledore for Christmas slow corn However, never got around to giving him the gift. Malfoy’s stress level was higher than ever He had dark shadows under his eyes and distinctly greyish skin Snape had been trying to help Draco all year But Draco was avoiding him. He didn’t want Snape to interfere with his plan or take credit for it when Snape finally confronted him He told Draco about the unbreakable vow that he had made One day Malfoy was confiding and moaning murder while crying Tell me what’s wrong I can help no one can help me I can’t do it. I can’t It won’t work. And unless I do it soon He says he’ll kill me how he walked in on this and the two began to duel Draco got hit by a vicious spell Blood spurted from Malfoy his face and chest as though he had been slashed with an invisible sword His face was now shining scarlet his white hands scrabbling at his blood-soaked chest Luckily Snape came in and saved Draco’s life. 

When Malfoy got better He successfully fixed the vanishing cabinet and celebrated very loudly while in the Room of Requirement Draco put his plan into motion and got the Death Eaters into the castle He got past the DA by using instant darkness powder and he split up from the other Death Eaters as he went after Dumbledore He disarmed him was an important fact for later become you are no assassin How do you know what I am some things that would shock you Malfoy had waited all year to be in this exact situation But as he stood in front of the man that he was supposed to kill he couldn’t do it do this I Have to kill you Kill me Draco began to lower his wands feeling defeated Helpless he sprung back up however When he heard the Death Eaters comment when Draco couldn’t follow through Snape stepped in and fulfilled the unbreakable vow that he had made to Draco’s mother Snape led Draco out with the other Death Eaters as they fled the school grounds After that Voldemort released all of the Death Eaters that were in prison including Lucius Draco’s father Draco was now part of the official Death Eater ranks But the Malfoy family was disgraced by all other Death Eaters Voldemort had forced them to give up their Manor as headquarters for his new base of operations During one meeting Voldemort humiliated Lucius by taking his wands During that same meeting Voldemort asked Draco what he thought of his first cousin Nymphadora Tonks having a baby with a werewolf Remus Lupin Draco looked at his father who was pathetically staring down at his own lap Then caught his mother’s eye who shook her head before looking away quickly What amore did not wait for his answer and continued on Voldemort had the muggle studies teacher professor Bourbons from Hogwarts Suspended in the air. He asked Draco if he recognized her and Draco shook his head Huna mordent killed her Thumbing the deeply shocked Draco Draco went back to school for a seventh and final year of Hogwarts when he came home for the Easter holiday Some Snatchers along with Grayback brought Harry Ron and Hermione to Malfoy Manor How are you ever had a small and face courtesy of Hermione to hide his identity? 

They asked Draco to tell them if it was really him Draco’s father put a lot of pressure on him knowing that if they were the ones to hand Harry over to Voldemort they would be back in his favor Draco however said that he couldn’t be sure and when Lucy has pressured him, even more, He said I don’t know when he was later asked about Ron and Hermione He hesitated and said maybe but he wasn’t sure it was clear to the trio that he was deliberately Protecting them as Ron and Hermione had no disguise. 

Can you tell him Bellatrix who knew me? 

You can send and Bellatrix saw that the snatchers had the Sword of Gryffindor she attacked them She then commanded Draco to either kill or drag the snatcher’s bodies away Narcissa and Bellatrix got into an argument about this later on the trio along with a few others escaped and in the chaos, Harry Overpowered Draco and took his wand before this Draco had been the master of the Elder Wand one of the Deathly Hallows Because he had disarmed the previous owner Albus Dumbledore the night that he died But now that Harry had overpowered Malfoy he was no longer the rightful owner of the Elder Wand or even his own wands as Harry had one that wands allegiance as Well this wall Zalando Draco Malfoy I sent his legions has changed when Voldemort found out that Harry was at Hogwarts He and all of the Death Eaters went to the castle where the Battle of Hogwarts took place to keep him safe Draco’s mother gave him her wands now. Hopefully, Crabbe and Goyle followed Harry Ron, and Hermione into the Room of Requirement Intending to bring Harry to Voldemort themselves. 

They were hoping that they would be rewarded for this Crabbe and Goyle both of whom used to worship Draco turned on him I don’t take your orders any Draco you and your dad are finished Crabbe Disobeying Malfoy and went after the trio and a fight broke out Crabbe then started a huge Uncontrollable fire that spread throughout the entire room Crabbe was killed in the fire and gulped by the flames that he had created Now fillet and Goyle got out thanks to Harry Ron and Hermione saving them Draco no longer had a wand He was defenseless for the rest of the battle Draco and Goyle fled from the trio Meanwhile, Lucy has pleaded with Voldemort to call off the battle my lord, please my son Voldemort said that it was not his fault If his son was dead as he didn’t join in with the rest of the Slytherins Draco ran into another Death Eater who had his wand pointed at him. I’m Draco Malfoy, I’m Draco I’m on your side. The trio was passing under the invisibility cloak and Harry’s stone The Death Eater Malfoy looked around confused until Ron punched him under the invisibility cloak making him fall over on the other Death Eater when Voldemort asked Narcissa to see if Harry was dead after he had hit him with The killing curse Narcissa realized that Harry was still alive. She asked him if Draco was alright And Harry nodded yes because of this act narcissist lied to Voldemort and all of the other Death Eaters saying that Harry was dead When the battle began again Lucius and Narcissa were running through the crowd not even attempting to fight screaming out Draco’s name.

They finally found him and after the battle, the three sat in the Great Hall huddled together as the other celebrated their victory.

They seemed unsure whether or not they were supposed to be there But nobody was paying them any attention unlike most of the other Death Eaters Draco Lucius and Narcissa Avoided going to Azkaban due to their last-minute switch of Allegiance Draco eventually married, Astoria Greengrass. 

Let’s see What a son named Scorpius Malfoy being raised by his parents was a damaging Experience he underwent dreadful trials as a direct result of his family’s misguided principles, but deep down.

He always had some good in him we saw this multiple times when he lowered his wand when he didn’t rat out the tree out to his parents and Anne and Eventually, we saw it in the way. 

He raised his son Lucius and Narcissa had a change of heart as well It’s clear that they realized that family comes first before everything else a lesson that took them a while to figure out having spent most Of their lives. 

So focused on blood purity social status and money, however, the family always had a saving grace. 

They loved each other in the end All three the Malfoys grew so much and they realized that even if they lose everything they will always have each other Thanks so much for watching guys If you enjoyed the video, make sure you hit that subscribe button to help grow the channel You can follow me on social media links are in the description and look out for more great videos on the way

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