OPD Full Form In English | What Does OPD Stand For

What Is The Full Form of OPD?

Do you know the OPD Full Form is “Outpatient Department”?

OPD Full Form


What is OPD? How OPD Can Be Defined?

OPD is the department where the patients come with new symptoms or new patients to consult with Doctors, and they are not admitted to the hospital. 

The outpatient department is having all types of facilities including emergency, Laboratory for any kind of pathological test required, even minor surgeries are also done in OPD. 

It is the entry door of the treatment process for any patient in the hospital. 

Once diagnosed with the disease, depending on the intensity Doctor decides whether the patient needs admission for indoor treatment or release immediately from the OPD.

In a single sentence, the Outpatient department is for those who do not need hospitalization, they may be old or new.


What Are Done In Outpatient Department?

  • Doctors Take Information (Patient’s Complain) regarding illness.
  • A preliminary Checkup did by the doctor.
  • Pathological tests are done if needed.
  • The advice provided to the patient by the doctors

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