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Power Of Attorney Georgia To Fill Out Your Will

A Power Of Attorney Georgia, also known as the ‘letters of Intent’ or ‘proxy letters,’ is an authorization to engage or act on behalf of another. 

The individual authoring power of attorney is either the principal beneficiary or grantor.

Power Of Attorney Georgia

It must be signed and sealed by a notary public unless it is for a limited purpose, in which case a notary can witness the signing.


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What Are The Benefits of Power Of Attorney Georgia?

Once the power of attorney has been acknowledged in writing, it becomes effective immediately. 

It will remain in effect during the duration of the individuals’ life together unless revoked or terminated by the principal or by the court on which the power of attorney has been granted.

Principals may use power of attorney to decide how their belongings, financial interests, family relationships, and health care decisions are to be managed or in what circumstances they will be allowed to make these decisions. 

They can also use it to decide on the identity and extent of their financial liabilities and those of their dependents, as well as to determine whether their property and assets will pass to their estate, or if they will retain them.

 As with all other privileges and immunities, individuals who use Power Of Attorney Georgia must disclose them to others and must advise them of their intentions. 

Also, principals and their counsellors cannot practice law without first taking the steps necessary to protect their power of attorney and their status as agents of the state.

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