Bob Is The Oil Guy | Real Name Of Bob Is The Oil Guy, Who Is The Owner?

Bob was a distributor for Schaeffers Specialized Lubricants who organized the bob is the oil guy forum in the hopes of bringing together interested lubricants and filtration enthusiasts to discuss petroleum products, issues and topics.

Who Is The Owner Of Bob Is The Oil Guy?

Bob is the Oil Guy is a website/forum started in 2002 by a guy named Bob  Winters. Mineral oils without additives can be good for general use. Bob’s the oil guy is probably the best forum to research oils, although some are of their favourite brand.


How does Bob Is The Oil Guy Work?

Costcos Kirkland Signature vs Walmart SuperTechs filters are made by Purolator, but these are only for quick lubrication spots where you can see their bob the oil guy reviews.


Just browse the Bob is the Oil Guy forum and see the results of oil analysis posted by people. 

There are many filtering products available in the industry today, some of which claim Bob is an oil worker. And if you can pass some people who like to spread ancient oil myths without thinking about anything else, that would be great.

But the price of synthetic T-wheels is not much higher than that of dinosaurs, so I went. 

Change the oil once a year, because I do not exceed 15,000 km a year. 

The Bobistheoilguy forum has also begun to attract people who want to learn more about oil products and look for answers to various lubrication, filtration, and fuel and oil additives products.


Real Users’ Opinion On Bob Is The Oil Guy

I switched to Shell Rotella-T 5W-40 synthetic motor oil instead of the traditional Rotella T 15W-450 dinosaur oil.

Bob Is The Oil Guy

Dino Rotella T is ready now. My engine will last more miles than I have ever seen. The trend is that people think they want grade 40 oil, but instead, use grade 50 oil. 

I suspect that ester oils may be the label of this engine because they are known for their high-temperature stability. Over the years, I am very happy to meet many outstanding people who are passionate about oils and lubricants.

“This is a kind of professional analysis of how companies sell motor oils in different countries. I use Mobil One 10W-30 in my jeeps and I use a lot of Mobil One 5W-40 (Delvac HD Diesel Oil 55-gallon drums) in my cars. equipment and I have had very good results. 

I have always used oils that are finer than recommended, although many use oils that are thicker than recommended. This is a blood test for your engine if you like, and you can get it from any oil manufacturer.

The best though is that if you think you need 40 oil, use a quality 30 oil instead. I will change the oil again a year because I don’t go over 15K a year.

In addition to allowing users to ask and answer questions about automotive oil, the site provides a good introduction to oil analysis and offers information on oil viscosity, bearing wear analysis, structural lubricant, molybdenum, cutting, lubrication and air filtration. 

Some daredevils use Castrol 10w60 “M” with results that can be interpreted as positive.

In fact, if you use oil, it would be a good idea to introduce yourself. 

And when you decide to upgrade your oils and lubricants with the best available products, look for information from a reputable source. 

My only recommendation is not to heed BMW’s advice on oil change intervals. This oil is on par with excellent oil for a fraction of the price. He created a thread and said that all the posters trolled it and didn’t talk about the topic. Another way to avoid getting this page in the future is to use the Privacy Pass. 

Why should I think he was banned for no good reason? 

He says he posted messages about problems with the car, and several “longtime” members tried to agitate him rather than refer to his messages, to the point where he became hostile and then banned.

The people at BITOG know their stuff and we love to deal with them and read their opinions from time to time. For engines with high mileage, weather sync will work out of the blue.

I think the key point, as noted, is that modern production engines are much stiffer. 

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