Do You Know How To Stop Elder Abuse?

elderly man being mistreated

On June 15th, organizations from all over the world will participate. world elder abuse awareness dayParticipating organizations not only teach people what elder abuse is, but also teach the public how to identify and stop it.

If you can’t attend these events, you can still attend Elder Abuse Awareness Day yourself. Learn about the different types of elder abuse, learn how to stop it, and raise awareness by chatting with some colleagues or peers about this issue or posting on social media.

What you need to know

Elder abuse is common Occurs only in bad nursing homes, can occur anywhere, even in the family home. To identify and stop elder abuse, you need to know about the different types of elder abuse.

Main Here are the types of abuse you should know about:

  • Physical abuse: This includes physical aggression, such as physical punching, but it also includes using too much force, neglecting care, and injuring the elderly. This may also include sexual abuse.
  • Financial Abuse: This includes individuals, and sometimes family members, who treat the finances, benefits, or assets of older people as their own. It also includes tricking people into giving away money. It also includes simple theft or embezzlement.
  • Neglect/Abandon: As with physical abuse, elder abuse can also be considered elder abuse when older people who depend on professional staff, family members, etc. for care are neglected or abandoned.

How to stop elder abuse

Depending on how the abuse is occurring and what kind of abuse is involved, stopping it can be harder than expected. Involving law enforcement agencies such as the police or social services may actually be the only way to stop it. If possible, it may be helpful to have some evidence of abuse to better assist authorities in building a case. Families often want to handle these matters themselves, which may be appropriate in limited circumstances.

However, where elder abuse involves physical abuse, neglect, or theft, police and state agencies should investigate, arrest, and issue violations, as elder abuse is a violation of both civil and criminal law. I can. Whether the police investigate or not, families can still be helped if they suspect elder abuse. The first thing you may want to consider is consulting an attorney experienced in elder abuse cases on behalf of an abused loved one. Your best bet is to contact the agency.

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