Fetterman’s Plan to Win Pennsylvania

Fetterman’s plan to win Pennsylvania: Taking his populist message to Trump country

His map for a general election path to the Senate runs through the reddest areas of the ultra-competitive commonwealth.

John Fetterman, the 6-foot-8 deputy governor who scored an explosive victory in the Democratic Senate nomination on Tuesday while he was in the hospital recovering from stroke and surgery, is planning to win a seat this fall.

John Fatterman

His strategy is to take his populist economic message across Pennsylvania, including the most red part of this super-competitive federation, to talk to everyone (including supporters of former President Donald Trump), ignore or isolate. Putting a premium on the area where you feel it’s done. They have shown their funding skills to execute any kind of campaign.

Fetterman still doesn’t know which Republican candidate he will face in the November 8 election, when Democrats are facing tough times and strong political odds. But his wife Gisele Fetterman told NBC News at their election night party that it didn’t matter.

“We always run our race. We care about people and meet people where they are. No matter what the Republican candidates are, we don’t know how that will change.” “Hmm,” she said in an interview “It doesn’t matter if you voted for Trump, or if you think you feel different from us…. That’s what we did at the time, and that’s what we do now.”

She said her husband would visit “all the counties” in Pennsylvania. “Each one. More than once.”

Fetterman is as stylish as they are unique. In his campaign, he emphasized the issue of bread and butter. He supports the $15 minimum wage and is in favour of the union. He sells T-shirts in support of the legalization of marijuana. He supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential election. He also opposed covid-19 mask obligations (he criticized Philadelphia for briefly reappearing one last month) and broke ties with President Joe Biden over Trump-era Title 42 immigration. He said the policy should be maintained.

Their top advisors claim that a unique mix is ​​an asset.

“John Fetterman doesn’t fit the box. He’s someone who has a different kind of relationship than the voters,” Fetterman’s strategist Rebecca Katz said in an interview. “2022 will be a tough year for Democrats. We’re very picky about it, but John’s map is different.”

Republican activists will ask you to step down. They are preparing to portray him as very left-handed in a state like Pennsylvania.

“You’ll see ads when you’re playing against John Fetterman,” said Chris Hartline, a spokesman for the National Republican Senate Committee. “They have embraced the Far Left on almost every issue. The Pennsylvania Senate primary is certainly a lively debate about the Republican future, but the Pennsylvania Democratic primary is in the Democratic Party. Indicates that the fight is over. The Liberals won is.”

“Fetterman denies it, but he’s a socialist,” said Republican president Sam DeMarco of Allegheny County. DeMarco is backing Trump-backed celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz and former hedge fund executive Dave McCormick, who has been strangled, in a race that NBC rated as “too close to the phone” on Wednesday morning. ,

Still, other Republicans have warned that Fetterman will be difficult to defeat.

“John Fetterman is far more formidable than people acknowledging his achievements,” said Sean Parnell, a former Republican nominee for the Pennsylvania Senate, who dropped out in November and endorsed McCormick. “He always says what he believes.” is, and it doesn’t matter if it offends his premise, but his premise respects what he has to say. Think.”

“They did a great job building an extraordinary foundation, not only here in Pennsylvania, but here too, they were excited to vote for,” Parnell said. Parnell said. “He’s got this reputation in Pennsylvania as a kind of Democratic blue-collar hammer-wielding folk hero. He’s not, so it’s the Republican candidate who points it out and shows it. It’ll be a job.”

Some Democrats are wondering whether Fetterman can beat Republican voters. They are also concerned about their ability to vote for critical blacks who could make or destroy Democratic candidates in statewide races, particularly those from western Pennsylvania, particularly in the Philadelphia area.

“He’s a few notch liberals compared to the previous Democrats who won statewide in Pennsylvania. He could have moved some voters to us who weren’t interested in voting for the Democrats in the first place. I hope we It can do that,” Democratic Representative Brendan Boyle said over the weekend. “At the same time, they also need to maintain these recent gains they’ve made among more liberal voters in areas like the outskirts of Philadelphia.”

“I think he can do it, but it will be a challenge,” he said.

Katz said Fetterman on how to do it in Pennsylvania ”

Washington DC notion”. “Traditional Democrats are scoring in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, which is part of their overall campaign.” voted. and said it would limit margins

Areas and towns where Democrats are usually “slaughtered”.

At an election night party, Gisele Fetterman outlined the agenda her husband had planned to execute in the general election.

“Many people in this federation and in this country are hurt,” she said. “He’ll fight for abortion rights. He’ll fight to raise the minimum wage. He’ll fight to protect our planet. He’ll fight to end filibusters. He’s going to fight to legalize cannabis. He’s going to fight against gun violence. He is going to fight inflation and corporate greed.”

“We are fighting fiercely before us, but Pennsylvania deserves the fight,” John Fetterman said in a statement Tuesday night.

“We’re going to win in November, like we won tonight, by fighting for every county and every vote,” he said.

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