A New Barack Obama Nature Documentary Is Easy to Watch

A new Barack Obama nature documentary promises a different perspective on our nation’s natural heritage. The president has defended national parks as “America’s best idea,” and has called conservation a key priority. The world’s national parks protect 15 per cent of land and eight per cent of oceans. A sloth from the Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica is featured in the new series. This creature has algae-rich fur and 80 different species of fungi. Those fungi are believed to help fight cancer, malaria, and even antibiotic superbugs.

What About This Documentary?

The Obama documentary is ambitious in scope. It was compiled from photographs shot during 33 expeditions in 10 countries on five continents. Filming was done over 1,500 days in remote locations, and the filmmakers spent a year researching the environment. The filmmakers also had to endure 392 days in quarantine, and yet, the result is a documentary that’s easy to watch.

Where The Documentary Can Be Seen?

The Netflix nature documentary series, Our Great National Parks, will feature five episodes narrated by former President Barack Obama. The documentary is being produced by his production company Higher Ground, which he co-owns with his wife, Michelle. The Obamas are collaborating on several projects together.

A Netflix nature documentary is a great way to share the story of our national parks. The series will highlight the history and science of national parks. The president is also a big environmentalist and has long fought to reduce global warming. The first episode of the series premiered yesterday. The documentary explores the history, science, and beauty of our national parks.

The documentary features some unusual animals that are featured in our own natural habitat. For example, the three-toed sloth has its own ecosystem, alligators have sonar, and monkeys in Japan take deer for a ride. While the series contains plenty of “awwww” moments, it avoids the common pitfall of nature docs in which human emotions are projected onto animals.

The series also features some national parks that are close to Obama’s heart. The first park in the series is in Hawaii, and the second features the Tsavo National Park in Kenya, where the former president’s father and mother were born. The third park in the series is Gunung Leuser National Park in Indonesia, where the president spent his childhood. Several episodes also feature personal recollections from Obama.

Obama has been working with Netflix for a number of years. The two have previously collaborated on “American Factory,” which is an Oscar-winning documentary about a Chinese factory in Ohio. Their production company, Higher Ground Productions, has also produced three children’s shows, including “Ada Twist” and “Crimp Camp.”

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