Who Is MMA Fightter Elias Theodorou? Do Read To Know

Elias Theodorou is a popular mixed martial art (MMA) fighter. He is known as the ‘Spartan’ because of his rigorous training. He trains daily to become a successful MMA fighter. He also has a strict diet and bodybuilding regimen to maintain his muscular body.

What Is Elias Theodorou’s Background?

Elias is from a Greek family and has a muscular body. He inherited his athletic ability from his father, who was a professional boxer. Elias also boxes, which gives him considerable hand-to-hand combat skills. Although he’s not a pro boxer, he has an ethical box management license. That way, he can still make money off of his fighting hobby while remaining an amateur.

When Elias Theodorou Started His Career As A Trainer?

MMA Fightter Elias Theodorou

Elias started training in martial arts when he was a teenager to defend himself. He began with karate but soon moved on to other forms of martial arts like boxing and MMA. He eventually gained the rank of black belt in five different martial arts- including judo, karate and tai chi chuan. His coach was very impressed with his skill and recommended him to the International Kombat Association (IKA). This is where Elias got his start as a professional MMA fighter.

What Is His Nickname In MMA?

His MMA nickname, The Spartan, reflects his training habits. It alludes to his military background and Spartan tradition of discipline and bravery. It’s also meant to be an anagram of the word ‘steel,’ which references the steel core he constructs in his bodybuilding workouts.

Whether at work or in front of the camera, Elias exudes confidence and grace when speaking or performing. His athletic prowess has landed him several awards at different sporting events- including the 2012 Toronto International Olympic Games and the 2015 European Championships in Athletics in Hidalgo, Mexico. His hard work has paid off!

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