How To Cook Dry Fish Curry

Dry Fish Curry Indian Style

Dry Fish Curry

How to Cook Dry Fish Recipe

Here we will be learning to cook dry fish curry, Its Looks not so good but if you taste it, you will never forget it. surely you will love to get it regularly in your day to the day food menu.

But this is only for non-veg lovers, sorry for vegetarians. Surely I will submit some tasty vegetarian recipes in my next post.

Remember first thing, you have to cook dry fish with Hot flavours, then only you can get the real taste of dry fish.

How To Cook Dry Fish

Ingredients need to cook dry fish :

How to cook Dry Fish Curry
How to cook Dry Fish Curry

1. Dry Fish 100gm (Preferably Chokia, its available in West Bengal, North-eastern states, Photograph was given)

2. Garlic 2 Full ( Average Size, Crushed)

3. Red Chilli Powder 2 Full Spoon (Preferably MDH hot).

4. Green Chilli Hot 5-10 nos. (Crushed)

5. Turmeric Powder (1 Spoon)

6. Onion 1 Big Size (Crushed)

7. Cooking oil 50-70 gm

8. Water 300 ml

9. Salt as per your taste.

Process Of Cooking Dry Fish:

Step One: Cut dried fish into pieces, about 1 inch in size. Clean with warm water but do not boil.

Second step: Heat the pan with oil on it, remember never add too much oil. Drop the dried fish pieces on the frying pan, stir them continuously, fry for only 1 minute. Take out of the frying pan after 1 minute.

Third step: pour some more oil on the frying pan. Once warmed normally, place the crushed garlic on the pan and fry it until it turns brown, then add grated onion and fry it until it turns brown but remember never to fry. Onion and garlic should not turn black, should be brown.

Fourth step: Then add crushed green chillies, red chilli powder, Turmeric powder and salt.

Fry this mixture well for 2-3 minutes, then add fried dry fish and add about 250-300 ml of water and boil it in full flame for 5 minutes.

That is, keep it aside for 15 minutes and keep it aside.

I hope you never forget it, enjoy the food.

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