How to Make Veg Biriyani at Home

Delicious Home Made Veg Biriyani

How to Make  Veg Biriyani at Home
How to Make  Veg Biriyani at Home

Lets Cook Veg Biriyani at Home:

Biryani is one of the most well-known Indian rice dishes nourished young and old alike. The foundation of Biryani dates back to the Mughal generation where this dish was specially organized for soldiers.

Over time, the recipe has advanced, and currently, we find many versions of Biryani that is influenced through the specific local style.

However, there are two main methods of cooking biryani – the primary one is the dum dum biryani in which rice and vegetables are cooked in slow steam, the other is a larger existing model in which rice and greens are cooked separately and then mixed. is. Together in a skeleton.

The real taste of biryani comes from a mixture of fragrant basmati rice, saffron, and whole spices.

From the convenience point of view, Biryani is a healthy and fragrant one-pot meal that can be served to anyone or simply with some raita, yogurt, or salad, no longer requiring any kind of dish or curry. So, in a way, it is a time-saving and thrilling lunch/dinner option that is preferred by most children and adults.

And regarding the healthy factors of biryani, the white basmati rice used on this dish is a gluten-free carbohydrate that is straightforward to digest and is suitable for people with digestive problems and celiac diseases.

Biryani is an exceptionally versatile dish and you can always make it more healthy by reducing the number of spices and oils and adding extra vegetables to it.

Vegetable Biriyani Preparation :

Ingredients: Paneer 200gm, Beans 50gm, Basmati Rice 300gm (Properly washed and moisture must be removed), Ghee 100 gm, Clove 10-12 Pieces, Grated Carrot Half, Kismis 50gm, Cashew nut 50 gm, Sugar 50gm, Cooking Oil 100 gm, Sea salt, Hot water boiled with bay leaf 600 ml, Turmeric Powder 1 spoon, Green Chili 3-4, grated onion.


Fry the pieces of cottage cheese lightly, make it brown only, no more, then keep it aside. Now put some oil in the frypan and add grated onion, fry it till it turns brown, now add turmeric powder in a little water. Mix it well and fry well, then add fried paneer to it. Mix the paneer well with the spices, then add some water to it. Let it boil for 3-5 minutes and keep this curry aside.

Phase two

Now you have to do two things at once, keep about 400 ml of boiling water in a vessel, add 50 grams of sugar, salt, and salt to taste. Allow it to boil slowly.

Also, put a little oil about 50-70 grams of oil on the frying pan and start frying the rice. Fry the rice properly, so that the colour changes. In the middle, pour ghee (about 50 grams) over it, also add cloves.

Now, add the curd you have cooked and add boiled water. Mix it properly Now close the pan. Leave it for some time until the rice boils properly, about 5-8 minutes. I just kept checking it in between.

If cooked, keep it for 10-15 minutes and then enjoy your vegetarian biriyani and feel the taste of non-veg biryani.

In fact, you will enjoy the wonderful taste of vegetarian biryani.

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