OK Full Form In English | What is Olla Kalla Meaning

What Is The Full Form Of OK?

What Is The Full Form of OK?

“OK” is a very familiar word for almost everyone, and is also used in almost every moment of our day to day conversation, but the OK Full Form is slightly different. 
It is a small word but the work done by it is huge. It is a commonly used term in writing English and Spoken English.

Let’s Understand The Meaning of OK

Full-Form of “OK” may be explained in modern American English as “All Right” or “All Correct”.

Source of the word “OK”

“OK” word is originated from the Greek word “Olla Kalla“, and for fun, it was spelt as “Oll Korrect”. It was used in 1830.

It is used to denote an affirmative expression, more distinctly it means Approve, Acknowledge, Acceptance, Agree with.


SAP Full Form

The Word “SAP” is a very popular word in the Commercial segment, as it is widely used in online enterprises, and offline enterprises too.

Let Us Know What Is SAP?

The Full form of “SAP” stands for System, Applications, and Products for a data process, but the Word “SAP” is basically derived from the German word “system, Anwendungen, und Produkte.
“SAP” is software used by the large scale industry to run the day-to-day productivity smoothly, starting from production, despatch, inventory, stocks lying on the market, etc.

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