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Urban Necessities Is Opening Experience Shopping

Urban Necessities
Urban Necessities

What are Urban Necessities?

Jesse Lopez has brought her Las Vegas-based Urban Needs consignment banner of Urban Necessities to New York City to secure space to sell rare and hard to find sneakers on Broadway inside the American  Eagle, and store owner Big Apple is pulling out all the stops to impress consumers.


What Did You get on Urban Necessities?

“The model of Retail has dramatically changed which about to experience. It’s about finding creative ways to tell someone, I’ve got me to go there because retail is so broken, ” Lopez said. You have to find ways to inspire your guests to come in.”
Urban Necessities
Urban Necessities

To excite shoppers or buyers, Lopez will also bring barbers and tattoo artists to the shop, as well as Makers’ Studio, where customers can see through imagery used on items of urban needs of the past, which can be immediately added to the store Can be printed on the garment. 

He would use a Supreme pinball machine to host a monthly high-score tournament, with the winner receiving half the money in the machine as store credit.

From a product perspective, Lopez said the store would be stocked with a selection of specially curated urban necessities shoes in the market like Supreme Shoes

Urban Necessities
Urban Necessities

In addition, You can avail of these like Yeezy 500, Nike presto, urban necessities Las Vegas,  Jordan 4 bred, supreme shoes, Travis Scott Jordan, off white shoes, Jordan 12, Jordan 4 Bred, Jordan 1 bred, Yeezy 350 v2 black, revenge x storm, nmd shoes, stock news for ago, supreme vans, Nike wrestling shoes, Jordan hoodie, Balenciaga runners, Kanye west Yeezy, Balenciaga sneakers, American eagle hoodies, Adidas nmd, cheap yeezys, etc. to the Air Jordan, dominating Adidas, Yeezy 500 styles, and resale, the shelves will feature cute Nike Presto, Travis Scott merch, silhouettes such as rare dunk SBs, and Air Force, both staples in NYC fashion.

What you did not find in the store are items that sell items like American Eagle Goods, Denim, and Bottoms. 
However, urban necessities may stock items such as Just Dawn shorts in summer.
While there is excitement around the new venture, Lopez is aware that sneakerheads may question urban needs and the atypical pairing of the American Eagle. He too initially got a reservation.
“When we first started the conversation, when I spoke with American Eagle Chief Commercial  Officer, Andrew McLean, I was like, 
‘It’s very polite that you have expressed interest in this, but here’s my concern: Is my consumer going to get this? ” Lopez said. “And the American Eagle had an understanding that people using sneakers could joke on it or say that American Eagle is not culture.”
But they quickly found that their consumer base was no different.
He said, “We’re starting to cater to who they’re catering to, their demographic, and then I start focusing on who’s roaming my store.” Four out of 10 people in the store are wearing American Eagle products, ”Lopez said. “They are one of the biggest sellers of denim in the United States, and I’ve started going to trade shows and all I see are American Eagle joggers, hoodies, sweaters, pants, T-shirts.”
Urban Necessities
Urban Necessities

Only time will tell whether the decision to open up inside the American Eagles was the right move, but Lopez bets on his instinct before his win and win.

After opening Urban Necessities in September 2014, he invested $ 1 million in sales by the end of his first year in operation. Since then, he increased business each year, raising $ 20 million in sales in 2018.
While NYC is the new home of urban necessity coupons, it will not be the last. Lopez said he wants to open at least eight more doors and confirmed the next one is in Toronto, which should begin by October.

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