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One of the most talked-about pop songs of all time, Alicia Keys’ “Dangerous” is a fantastic, funky number. The first half of this song is incredible. Alicia Keys is simply incredible. Her voice sounds amazing as it is projected over the instruments. It’s hard to describe what an awesome performance by Alicia Keys is without having to mention that she steals the show with her vocals. From the very beginning, you can tell that Alicia Keys knows what she’s doing with this song and that’s why she has consistently been ranked at or near the top of the list since the song was first released.

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Alicia Keys

As the song begins you can almost feel the tension building. This part of the song is played fast as the video is all over the place with a lot of sound coming from all sorts of different locations. The video then cuts to the couple standing on the edge of a cliff. They look at the sunset. It’s cut to a man cutting off his head and then a woman running towards him with a knife.

Throughout the song, there are many different instruments being used. The piano melody is first heard in the background as a sort of a break between verses. Then in the next part, the keyboards play a major role. This makes sense considering that this is a song where Alicia Keys has a major role. The keyboards also add some additional harmonies as well.

The video itself doesn’t do much for the song itself. The video is not very exciting or informative. The two people in the video are looking at something behind them in the distance. There aren’t any close-up shots of the couple. The music and pictures aren’t very catchy and don’t really tell the story of the song.

There aren’t many other features in the video besides the couple and their surroundings. There isn’t a close shot of the two interacting. Their photo doesn’t even appear in the video. Although, if you were watching the video at the correct moment, you would have noticed that they kiss. The music doesn’t match the sound of the kissing, which is rather disappointing.

Overall, the video is just a poor attempt at a major hit. The music isn’t engaging or interesting. The choreographed dance sequence looks like it belongs in a much better movie. This is the best song that Alicia Keys has ever produced.

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