The BBA Full Form In English | What Does BBA Stand For

BBA Full Form In English
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 BBA Meaning and BBA Abbreviation

Let’s talk today about BBA. BBA full form in English is Bachelor of Business Administration. It is an undergraduate management course Duration is 3 years. BBA is also known as BBS which is Bachelor of Business Studies or BMS which is Bachelor of management studiesSo you should not get confused by these terms as they are all same.

What Is More About BBA?

I have seen many times that whichever details I describe, many people ask me the same thing again in the comments. This means some people don’t read the complete article and directly put the question in the comments section. I request you to please read the whole article before commenting. 


This article can bring you lots of profit, BBA course was designed. So that students can get knowledge about business management and also improve their communication skills, as well as entrepreneurship skills.

In BBA students, are taught with the help of case studies, projects, presentations, industrial visits, guest lectures, etc. which are practical.


What Is The Eligibility Of BBA? 

Passed HSC (10+2) exam from any stream with English as a passing subject and minimum 45% marks at 12th. BBA course is provided by lots of colleges and institutions in India Admission is given based on the Entrance Test. In this objective type, questions are asked related to the English language, quantitative, aptitude, and reasoning skills. Those students are exempted from the entrance test and who fulfill the following criteria: 

1. UGAT score of more than 500 

2. cleared 10+12+1 level of education 

3. Scored more than 70% marks in Class XII 

4. British ‘A’ level qualification with minimum grade B. 


What Are The Fees For BBA?

Every Institute has different fees Some have less and some more. This can be in the range of Rs. 15000-60000 per year. Some institutes can even have more fees. 


Who Should Do The BBA Course?

Students who have an interest in Business Management Students whose communication skills, organizational leadership skills, and decision-making skills are good. 


BBA course develops managerial skills among students and gives knowledge about different business functions. 


The advanced level of BBA is MBA, so this creates a very good base for students who want to do MBA going further Most important thing: 

BBA graduates get direct entry into corporate companies through placements. 


This is an advantage they have against other regular graduates. 

The subjects in the BBA BBA course are divided into 6 semesters. 


Every year there are 2 semesters, So 6 semesters in 3 years And in every semester you are taught different subjects. 


I will name a few subjects so that you get a basic idea about them. 


Here are Principles of Management, Business Economics Business mathematics, and statics Business laws, Business Data Processing, Marketing Management, Production, and Material Management.


Financial and management accounting, Introduction to Operations Research, Personnel management, and industrial research. 



Where Can You Get Jobs After Competing BBA? 

In Business Houses, Financial Organizations Educational Institutes, Banks, Business Consultancies, MNC’s, Export Companies.


Industrial Houses you can get jobs in these types of companies. 



What Type Of Jobs You Can Get After Doing BBA?

Management Executive, Financial Analyst, Marketing Manager, Business Consultant, Research Analyst, HR Manager and many more And now the most important question. 


I know many of you have this in your mind by now how much salary will we get after doing BBA.


See during the start of the career, work profile is more important than salary. Everyone doesn’t get the same salary. 


Some students can get better salary packages than other students if they get good offers in placements due to their skills and talent. 


But you can expect a salary in the range of around Rs. 2 lac to 4 lac on an average. 


If you get a good placement offer then you can even get 5 lac 6 lac also And your salary can increase after a few years of experience.


Which Course To Do After BBA?

You have many options but MBA is an advanced course that is related to BBA.


You can even think of doing other postgraduate courses but normally most students prefer an MBA. 


In this article, I have cleared much doubt regarding BBA Course. 


You would have noticed that I try to answer everything about BBA.

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