Nick Cave and His Family Life, Career, Achievements, and Many Crazy Facts

Who Is Nick Cave?

Nick Cave is an Australian musician who has been performing since he was a teenager. He started his career
in the late 1970s playing bass guitar in various bands including The Birthday Party, Bad Seeds, and
Grinderman. In 1983, he released his first solo album, Kicking Against the Pricks. His second solo album,
Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus, was released in 1989. In 1990, he formed the band Nick Cave & The Bad
Seeds. Their debut album, From Her To Eternity, was released in 1992. Since then, he has released several
albums with this group.

He released his first solo album in 1983, titled Kicking
Against the Picket Fence. His second solo album was released in 1989, called Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of
Orpheus. In 1990, he joined the band Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. They have released many albums together,
including From Here To Eternity (1992), Murder Ballads (1995), No More Shall We Part (1998), Ghosteen
(2000), Push the Sky Away (2007) and Skeleton Tree (2016).


Family Life of Nick Cave

1. Parents: David Robert Jones (born December 25, 1948) and Vivianne Faithfull (born March 2, 1949).

2. Siblings: Mick Harvey (born August 23, 1951), Red Molly (born June 21, 1954), Warren Ellis (born May 14,
1956), and Susie Bick (born September 7, 1958).

3. Children: Joey (born April 8, 1964), Earl Falconer (born October 11, 1966), Thomas Gabriel Fischer (born
February 10, 1968), and Harley Edward John Anzalone (born January 27, 1971).

4. Relatives:

Uncle: Peter O’Toole (father’s brother); Aunt: Maureen O’Toole (mother’s sister), Cousin: Christopher Lee (cousin); Cousins: Michael Lee (brother-in-law); First cousin: Nicholas Charles Lee (nephew) Brother-in-Law: Mick Harvey; Sister-in-Law: Susie Bick; Nephews: Earl Falconer (son-in-law); Niece: Harley
Anzalone (daughter-in-law); Grandchildren: Josephine (granddaughter); Great-Grandchildren: Jack (great-
grandson); Great-Great-Grandchildren: Charlie (great-great-grandson); Grandchildren: Earl (grandson);
Great-Grandchildren; Great-Great-Great-Grandchildren; Great Grandchildren: Jack (great-grandson); Great-
Great-Great Grandchildren: Charlie (great great grandson); Great Grandchildren: Earl (great-grandson); Great
Great Grandchildren: Jack (great great great grandson); Great Grandchild: Harley Anzalone Jr.
(grandson); Great Great Great Grandchild: Charlie? (great great great grandchild); Great Grandchild:
Josephine (granddaughter); Great Great Great Grand Child: Jack? (great great great granddaughter); Great
Grandchild: Earl (grandson); Great Great Great Grandchild: Charlie? (great grand great-grandson); Great
Grand Child: Harley Anzalone III (grandson); Great Grand Child: Josephine (grand Daughter); Great Great
Great GrandChild: Jack? (great grand great-granddaughter); Great Grand Child: Earl (grandson)


Nick Cave Career Related Facts

1. Nick Cave was born in Melbourne, Australia on August 4th, 1966. He began his musical career at age 15,
playing guitar in various bands around Melbourne. In 1981 he formed the band Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.
They released their first album, Kicking Against The Pricks, in 1983. Their second album, Abattoir Blues/The
Lyre Of Orpheus, came out in 1984. Both albums were critically acclaimed and helped establish them as one of
the leading alternative rock bands of the 80s.

2. After recording two albums with the Bad Seeds, Cave left the group in 1987 to pursue other projects. His
first solo album, From Her To Eternity, came out in 1988. It featured collaborations with PJ Harvey, Mick Harvey
(of Midnight Oil), and Warren Ellis. The following year, he released his third album, Dead Heart Beat, which
was produced by David Lynch.

3. In 1990, Cave recorded his fourth studio album, Into My Arms, with producer Don Gehman. This album
marked the beginning of what would become known as the Nick Cave & The Bad Seed era. The album
included the singles “Where The Wild Roses Grow” and “Into My Arms”.

4. In 1992, Cave released his fifth studio album, The Good Son. It was followed by The Boatman’s Call in 1993.
These two albums were both critical successes and commercial failures. However, they did help establish him
as a major figure in Australian music.

5. In 1994, Cave released his sixth studio album, Murder Ballads. It contained the single “Weeping Song”,
which won him the ARIA Award for Best Male Artist. In 1995, he released his seventh studio album, And Then
There Were None. It was followed by 1996’s No More Shall We Part.

6. In 1997, Cave released his eighth studio album, Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!. It was the last album that he released
under his own name. That same year, he collaborated with Grinderman on their debut album, Grinderman.


What is Nick Cave Famous for?

1. He’s known for his music career, but he’s also known for being a great actor, singer, songwriter, and poet.

2. He was born Nicholas John Cave on October 21st, 1948 in Melbourne, Australia. His father was English and
his mother was Australian.

3. He has been married three times. His first marriage was to Vivian Campbell from 1975-to 1980. They had two children together named Earl and Peaches. In 1981, he got divorced from Vivian. Then, in 1983, he met
actress/singer/songwriter Susie Bick. They were married until 1987. Finally, in 1992, he married American
musician and painter Mia Zapata. They have two sons together named Henry and Arthur.

4. He started out playing the guitar at age 14. By age 17, he was performing regularly around Melbourne. At 19 years old, he moved to London where he began writing songs. After moving back to Australia, he formed a
band called the Birthday Party. Their debut album was released in 1980. This album included their hit single,
“Kicking Baby.”

5. He has won many awards throughout his career. These include four ARIA Awards (Australian Recording
Industry Association), five Grammy Awards, and seven MTV Video Music Awards.

6. He’s written over 20 albums including Bad Seeds, Murder Ballads, Kicking Against the Pricks, From Her To
Eternity, Push the Sky Away, Skeleton Tree, Ghosteen, Dig, and Death Is Not My Lover.

7. Nick Cave is famous for his music career. He has been performing since he was 12 years old. His first band
was formed at age 14. In 1989, he released his debut album, And the Ass Saw the Angel. Since then, he has
released over 30 albums.



Is Nick Cave Rich?

1. Yes! He has a net worth of $60 million dollars as per an internet survey.

2. But another survey indicates that His net worth is estimated at around $20 million dollars.

3. Many people say that he does have a lot of money.

4. I think he’s rich! He’s got lots of money because He makes about $10 million per year from his music.


Are Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Still Together?

Yes, Nick Cave and the Bad Seed are still together. They have been touring together since they started out in
1988. They have performed over 1,000 shows together.

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