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Dell Federal Sales

The new head of Dell’s Federal sales, Jim Kelly, is an industry veteran who was previously VP of defence and intelligence sales at the company. In that role, he was responsible for strategy development and solution sales to agencies. He returned to Dell in 2015 after stints at Symantec and Microsoft. He was also responsible for Dell’s Army business and joint solution sales organizations. Now, as Vice President of Federal Sales, he will be tasked with leading the federal sales force.

Early Career Of Jim Kelly Before Federal Sales?

Before joining Dell Federal, Harris was a Distribution Account Executive at Ingram Micro. In that role, he helped expand the company’s Federal business. Today, he’s a highly respected executive who has extensive experience helping partners grow their Dell business. Outside of work, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife, Gina, and two dogs. He also plays golf.

Dell’s Federal sales organization requires that partners register for the program and sell Dell products to government agencies. Dell partners must comply with federal sales requirements and obtain prior approval from the applicable Dell Federal Sales Vice President to participate in the program. However, it is important to note that federal government sales require a specific addendum.

According to Troy West, Vice President of Dell Federal, “Dell’s Federal sales organization has a long history of supporting the U.S. military.” The company supports Operation Homelink, which helps service members’ families stay in touch with them while deployed. Through this initiative, Dell has provided more than 100 laptops to injured service members and connected more than 2,500 military families to their loved ones.

How Does Dell Federal Sales Work?

Prior to opening up distribution to other resellers, Dell had a select group of companies that held Letter of Supply contracts to represent their product vendors on the GSA schedule. Force 3 was one of these firms. Since the program opened up to other resellers, Dell has had an increased focus on delivering the best possible products to government customers.

Dell has traditionally sold into the Federal market directly, but it has also authorized its channel partners, Ingram Micro Inc. and SYNNEX Corp., to sell Dell technology to federal agencies. Through the new partnership, Dell Federal sales representatives are compensated on par with their direct counterparts. Ingram Micro also recently added a Federal channel partner support desk and expanded its relationship with Dell.

Napora’s testimony at the trial revealed that Dell’s federal sales team was not meeting the company’s goals. Dell’s customers, especially the Air Force, were not purchasing the products predicted by the company. Wise, another Dell federal sales executive, confirmed that the company faced difficult sales conditions. He acknowledged that turnover made it difficult to meet quota. Napora’s testimony further reveals that the failure to meet the quota was often caused by events outside of the employees’ control.

The prices for Dell products are available on Dell’s website and in written quotes provided by Dell. They are valid for thirty (30) days from the date of the quote. However, Dell reserves the right to change its prices due to shortages, increases in cost or other events beyond its control.

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